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Beauty standards I think there are no such standards for beauty .beauty is not only the physical appearance but also our inner soul, our values, and acceptance .people always believe beautiful people are those who have a slim figure, nice curves, good facial features, and should be fair in color. This is something which is totally wrong mindset. We should love ourselves just the way we are.
Some Women are often insecure about themselves because of how they look and this makes them feel unconfident. Women should not validate themselves through other people’s opinions. She should appreciate her beauty every day, be grateful. Women are beautiful with scars, acne, stretch it makes them who they are. We have to create our own beauty standards and break the stereotypical standards in society, women do not have to lose weight just because society wants it no. A lot of think people compare themselves with other people this should be stopped. Media also showing wrong things they are only taking girls who are slim in commercials, and in TV. Shows. If all girls were taught how to love each other instead of compete with each other and hate their own body what different world would we live in. We get so worried about being pretty let’s get pretty kind, pretty smart, pretty funny, and pretty strong. Your beauty does not define you but your character will define you. Be natural and rare because this something important in this filtered world. All girls are beautiful and are loved, do not get distracted by other people’s opinions because other people always have said something about you do not be hard on yourself, learn to accept yourselves the way you are, and look at how things change for you.