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Women are not safe to travel alone mostly in night time it’s not like that women are scared of something it’s about how people behave with them if women are not interested then why should forcefully talk to them or follow them and also they misbehave with them because of that women are not safe to travel alone for there safety if the place is safe with security than it has no problem to travel alone because of such people women’s are not allowed to go anywhere at anytime or come anytime they has restrictions and time limit at night time because parents gets worried about their child. if something happens wrong with my child because of such people who try to discomfort women. People should understand that they should not harm or misbehave with women. Because of such reason there is day to day increase in rape cases. Women are strong enough to fight alone but if people gang up and come then how should she defend herself. She will try her best to save herself but single women against gang up people how can she will be safe atlast she will get harm. Because of such things happening with women they are not safe to travel alone. It is more uncomfortable for women when they pass comments and watch there body language like Staring it makes women very uncomfortable they should understand to behave properly it’s not women can’t travel alone but there should be ethics that they should always gives respect to women. If society thinking gets change then there should be chances that women can safely travel. There should be security for women at stations and bus stands atleast because of that women will atleast safely travel for there work with no worries. Lastly women should have security without security they are not safe to travel.