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Among the basic rights to food, water and air, women are also granted a basic right to get educated. Getting educated is a basic essential that everyone, every gender, ever living human being has the right upon, then why women in the country always have to fight for the basics? It’s like, struggling through everything has become a part of her life, education is a right that everyone deserves, but the low mindset assumes that, educating a girl is a shame, their mindset prefers women to stay home and deal with the house duties they have, society today has actually assumed the position of people in their eyes, men go out and work and women have to stay home and do housework, isn’t it their choice to choose what they have to do? Getting educated is a basic norm that has no aftermath to spoiling the girls it makes them independent and learned. Women who’re educated are more likely to do better in life but the society has not still changed their mindset about women, they think adjusting through everything, bearing every pain they get is their duty they think, but no, in today’s era women have better ways to deal with their problems just because of their education. Educating women makes them brave enough too. I’ve heard about a lot of women who’re doing so great in their lives just because they got educated inspite of what society said to them. Education is a basic way to bring the change not a liability that a women can’t handle.