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I really appreciate your voice on the marital rape issue there are many women suffering but they can’t take any legal action because there is no strict law regarding this. Man can’t really sexually assault any female even if she is her wife because she is not a commodity it’s her choice if she is ready to do it and marriage is not only about physical intercourse but also about understanding, respecting each other, giving each other support. Now it‘s high time women should start speaking about suffering there is nothing wrong in speaking about our marriage relationship there is a very wrong belief in society that if women are married they can’t discuss her problem she is facing in her married life. But today lot of things are changing, now we should start fighting this battle of fighting against marital rape.
And I want to appeal to our Indian government pleases consider this is as serious and take some action quickly. Every man should understand that if she is not ready he should step back and respect her choice no matter what because she is also a human being. I think if a woman is educated and independent it becomes a lot easy to understand what’s going wrong and gives her more liberty to take some action. And also parents should understand not to force their daughter to marry, please ask her if she is ready for this big change in her life. Sometimes we have to stop continuing the legacy of our Indian society start listening to our daughter’s what she wants. Do not go silent raise your influence to inspire the next generation of men to honor women. We have to be the change to make a change #say no to marital rape women start fighting for themselves and should end this