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Manpreet Singh
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The kind of crimes that are being perpetrated against women in Indian society, can give horrors to anyone. If a woman is planning to travel to India then she will definitely be wary about her safety before deciding whether to travel in India or not. We can’t blame their thinking because that crimes and rape culture against women is so prominent and glaring in our society that anyone would have two thought before deciding to travel to India.
The root cause of the problem lies in the deep-rooted patriarchal setup, that historically has promoted many disturbing and alarming behavior against women. Eve teasing, sexual harassment, torture at home, etc are so common and have become so normalized that no one bats an eye to this news anymore.
On top of that, we have a very cumbersome legal setup which can even discourage a person with a strong will to think twice before going on the journey of justice. The undertones of patriarchy are seen in the legal system also where things like victim-blaming and shaming is guaranteed. Many rapes accuse roam free even after the trial because the victim could not prove her honest intentions. These factors give wings to the criminals who think that they can not be touched even after committing the crime.
We have also seen that a patriarchal political power can extinguish the voice for justice in order to save their faces, we have witnessed the atrocities in the Hartha rape case and how the victim”s family was made a mockery.
It is easy to criticize foreign media that reports that India is not a safe country to travel to, but should we not even once look at our surroundings as to the level of injustice and crimes happeing? We must take this challenge boldly and start improving our home. The politicians must also develop a political will to raise the bar for women in society and make India a safer place for them.