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India is a beautiful country with miraculous destinations to travel to however, despite being a beautiful country to travel, women are mostly restricted to travel to the places alone just because of the unsafe environment for them created by some people who do not think of women as a natural human being. Women are not safe in any part of the country, wherever they go, they’ll always be unsafe in their own country because of some monsters, who’re always available to torture a woman’s being in various destructive ways, India reported more than 30K rape cases in 2019 and around 4lakh cases in 2020 when the country was suffering from a pandemic, Not even the travel destinations but they were being raped even in the hospitals where people generally go for their treatment, they were suffering from another pandemic inside them. Women are not safe anywhere around this country, some people of the country has made it so difficult for women to even survive, the reputation of the country has been spoilt so much that no one wants to travel to the places just because of a threat to their safety, that anything can happen anywhere. Women here are treated like objects just as they’re present to fulfill others pleasures. Even the weak judicial system is blamed for the unsafe women environment. other countries around the world have strict judiciaries in matter of women, in saudi arabia the rapists are either flogged or directly executed, in USA, the rapists are imprisoned for life, every country has their strictest norms for the safety of their women but in India, struggle to win a rape case is more of a punishment to the victim than the guilty.