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Women are always asked to sacrifice in each way. They should be treated equally as compare to men in there goals and career opportunity it is not at all good thinking that women should only be housewife they should always get support of there family and not only that society thinking has to change that women should follow there carrer, dreams, passion and anybody should not have problem with it. Because in every women there is something power to get stronger to follow there and success beacuse if they can work 24/7 as housewife without getting holiday and vacation imagine that how hard work women can do to follow there dreams. So women should not forgive there careers and look after children only they are strong enough to handle both. The only thing women want that is support and encouragement beacuse of this they get more closer towards there goals. Women should stay at home this thinking has to change because women and men are equally deserve to follow there goals. And it is not necessary that women’s are always take care of children there should be mutual understanding both should take care of there children. so that it will get easier for both of them. And women sholud also get there own time for there peace of mind. Because society always think that women should only do household work it is very wrong thinking. Because of this people gets influenced more. Family should not get influenced with such things. This thoughts are very ridiculous that women should stay home as housewife rather than at least they should support women to fulfill there dreams and make them feel motivated to focus on there goals and career opportunity. Women’s should ready for each and every situations with there own money. In case of worst scenario happens women’s are prepare with there own things to handle that situation. With this they will be independent and can fight with every situations.