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Manpreet Singh
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No doubt that gender justice and gender equality are some of the most confusing terms right now. Even if we ignore the confusion surrounding it, they both are something very essential for the proper equal representation of women in society. If there will be no gender justice then we can’t expect any kind of gender equality in the system. a balanced approach should be adopted regarding gender equality and gender justice to take full advantage of these terms. The basic aim of gender justice and gender equality is to provide a head start for women in the society where they have been historically and traditionally treated sub-par as compared to their male counterparts and as a result of this long discrimination they are not able to enjoy equal rights in the society that have been granted by our Indian constitution.
Now one can argue that the roles of men and women cannot be interchanged and in a true sense, we can never achieve gender equality in our society. But still, that doesn’t mean that we must remove our focus from the inequalities faced by women in a day to day life is justifiable. Be it is unequal wages and working hours, negligible Maternity benefits, a very low opportunity for education and jobs, facing evils like a dowry and home torture.
The deep-rooted patriarchal setup of our Indian society has made the situation so worse that much problematic behavior against women has been made normalized. Things like eve-teasing, sexual harassment, rape, etc are to some extent being justified cycling historical and social roles of the gender. Now removing these evils would not be called removing the barrier between the role of genders in the society which many fear. Through proper use of gender justice and gender equality, they are only trying to remove the problematic things and behavior against women from society. To give them equal rights and opportunities in those fields where gender roles are not so important. Gender justice and gender equality are not about going against nature or taking any Revolutionary step, it is about removing the historical injustice and inequalities that women have faced and continue to face in our society. A balanced approach to gender justice and gender equality would not harm anybody.