Manpreet Singh
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In my opinion, it is not a hidden secret, not only in India but the world over, that women are not given an equal opportunity as compared to their male counterparts. This glaring omission is very obvious in the Indian political scene Where the number of elected women representatives is less than 10% of the total. in the latest Lok Sabha election, only about 50 women representatives elected auto of the total 500 plus seats. Now, how one can expect that women’s welfare would be properly looked after with this abysmal level of women’s representation in the Indian Parliament?
Proposal A gives out a proper opinion that for any democratic setup, an equal representation of various actors of the society must be ensured. No doubt proposal B has a valid point that women’s representation must be diversified into various roles, but the core problem of discrimination would not solve without ensuring an equal representation in the political scene, because through political representation only the core problem can be tackled.
The ideas that are given about how a proper representation can be secured, be it a quota, percentage, etc. are all viable but before we adopt any of this formula we must ensure that our women are properly educated and made aware of their rights because as we have him in our political scene, many major women political representation is a mere puppet in the hands of the patriarchal setup. One of the famous examples is that of Rabri is Yadav, wife of Lalu Yadav, who ensured that the whole Bihar political circle is run according to her husband’s wishes.
Also so we have seen that most of the women politicians are a mere token symbol for their political parties. Political parties try to rope in famous actresses to create a poster girl image to garner a vote. Such token representation is not going to do any good for the ultimate cause of women’s welfare cause in this country. For kind of women representation is given in the Indian Parliament or the local constituency, it must be ensured that the voters choose only those representatives that are ready to dedicate to the cause of women welfare.
Ultimately I would say divide the thing boils down to the deep-rooted patriarchal setup of this country, to make a positive change we must start teaching at our home to voice that it is not ok to make discrimination that is being made daily. till we make our home in order, we can’t expect Revolutionary change in the society