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Women are not respected in general. We can see the amount of double standards regarding how people treat men and how people treat women. Women are mocked for just about everything and are made fun of when they voice their concerns. We can’t even have an interest without people judging us.

Women who have feminine traits in them are not respected. Ironically, when a woman doesn’t “act like a girl” they’re often direspected.

We need to understand that there’s nothing wrong with being feminine. Regardless of your gender, no one should police you on how you should and shouldn’t act.

Actresses are often mocked online for voicing their concerns and are labeled bossy when people should just take a moment and just listen to them. I do not know why people make such statements. Using feminity for promotion is the most absurd statement anyone could make, no one says this to men, do they?

We should also understand not to mock others interests and classify them as “girly” interests. If someone is happy doing something, why do have to feel the need to judge them? In this process, people think that being a girl is an insult, that is what people would get in their minds. Not just women, but also men get made fun of.

People should understand and set their hypocrisy aside and analyse just how they’re treating feminity. How can you be allies when you mock female dominated areas, interests and qualities people have?