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Gayatri Somvanshi
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It’s really sad to hear from people that our country is unsafe to travel and that’s something we can disagree with. Recently I saw a youtube video where the host was asking Korean people about the impression they had of India and along with strong points there was one negative point that hit hard when they said that it’s unsafe to travel in India.That made me really disappointed in our country’s people.
Due to these perverted monsters our country is losing its reputation despite having miraculous and fabulous tourist attractions. We ourselves being native citizens of this country can’t live freely here let alone those foreign women who are from libral habitat.
Delhi has already become a hub for rapes as I guess and Delhi gang-rape is a stubborn and permanent stain on India.
Many women tourists have reported about public misbehaving like groping ,stalking and not to mention staring in public thus reducing the number of female travellers in India.
I read an article of Canadian woman who lived in India and she did point out some experiences where she suffered eve-teasing from local people but she also mentioned about not hesitating to shout for help and some tips to be safe which included dressing well which kind of repulsive which made me think that even if we just let our one strand of hair uncovered they will stare at that one hair strand. but one thing I was happy to read was when she mentioned that people do help us dealing with them and reprimand them and we should never hesitate to shout. There are some places which are safe for women but still India has more room for improvement . Today because of these issues people often fear to send their daughters outside for education even though they have been allotted to good universities. The main thing which is responsible for all this is criminals fearlessly roaming in the country while victims stay behind closed doors. These fellas are bailed out through connection and thus dare to commit more and more crimes. Government should really take strict actions for this and still I feel there needs to be discipline in the country.