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In this contemporary era where equality for all genders is a very important aspect of the society, we still lack gender equality in this modern society.
I strongly believe that gender equality is much more important than gender justice.
Treating women as equal as men is the basic right of all human lineages but until today it has to be fought for. Gender equality is attained when people of all genders are given equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities whereas gender justice is defined as systematic redistribution of power, opportunities according to one’s judged ability and power. Gender justice does restrict the roles of women in various aspects by which they’re still often considered restrained. The world needs to be treated equally more than it needs to be restricted of judged by its weekness. Half of the problems faced by the genders would be solved only if everyone around the world starts treating each other equally. Women today are excelling in almost all the fields but they often are not provided with the dignity they deserve. The society denies to accept women as strong as men, which is where gender equality needs to stand. When people around the world would start to accept all genders as one, that’s where the change will begin and to bring this change we need to attain gender equality without which gender justice may never be able to define itself in the way it should be defined.