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Gayatri Somvanshi
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One of the most important rights which has always been snatched for women is their right for proper education.
According to UNICEF around 132 million girls drop out of school worldwide.Out of which 34 3 million are of primary age, 30 million of lower secondary and 67.4 million of secondary age .
Though there are many reasons for people to not send their daughters to school but core reason is found to be poverty and gender descrimination.
In poor countries people are literally struggling to even find a one time meal let alone afford the costs of schools.
There is no doubt gender descrimination plays a huge part in this too . Majority of families only desire to invest in Boy’s education as according to them he can work and earn money as for a girl she is meant to be married to another family.
Corruption plays a huge part too as resources provided by the government are not able to reach citizens.
Next most important concerns are hygiene , menstruation , sexual harassment and gender based violence.
In many schools they don’t even have washrooms for girls. Girls need to go out in the open to urinate which is shameful and also fear of getting harassed.
Menstruation is an important aspect of the female body and schools don’t provide washrooms let alone pads which is essential for us.
Now the most important concern regarding safety of girls id sexual harrasment .Sexual harassment from male staffs is been happening in every school be it private or public ,rich or poor. There have also been cases of human trafficking in schools which generates fear in minds of families.So often poor families and minor communities often maary off their daughters in tender age than to send them to school.
When its term safety and school gender based violence had played a huge part in stopping girls from attending schools. In countries like South Sudan and Afghanistan 70-80% girls drop out from schools due to constant violence and chaos . According to a survey, girl’s schools are more often attacked than the boy’s schools.
Considering these reasons many girls are deprived of their right to educate themselves.