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Gayatri Somvanshi
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‘Beauty’ – whenever this word comes to my mind unconsciously the first picture comes into my mind is women. Practically speaking women and the term beauty are correlated for me. You can say it’s just like a beautiful woman and a woman is beautiful. But exactly how beautiful a woman should be?
Slim , delicate ,fair and should have profound features ,delicate jade like hands and long fingers and calm temperament?
Till this date we are always thought that beautiful women are those who have bodies like a flowing river and fish shaped eyes and fair skin.
According to society, women’s bodies should be proportionale and should have curves at the right places. They should be neither too thin nor too curvy.
Bro!! Bro!! Give me a break.
Can we just stop this bullshit of forcefully squishing women into this illogical mold of so called beauty standards?
Every woman irrespective of her color, shape and behaviour is perfect.
Being a woman itself makes her perfect.
To all my sisters out there…….
Love yourself the way you are instead of starving yourself just to make your body slim ,to apply haldi just to look fair, trying to be achive inhuman calmness just to fir into this idiotic society standards.
Love yourself
Accept yourself just the way you are instead of seeking validation from this society because this hypocritical world will never be satisfied with you no matter how you behave and change.
If you are thin they will call you malnourished.
If you are curvy they will call you fat .
They will blame you for your brown skin.
They will blame you for your temperament.
So just enjoy your life.
Being a woman is itself a beautiful thing.
We women have always been made to feel that we are weak and need to be dependent on our husbands ,fathers and so on and we don’t realise how much stronger we are and how stronger we can further be.
If we have the power to create a new living being in us ,if we can bear the pain which is equivalent to fracturing of 20 bones , then who is this world to tell us we are weak .
We are the strongest and I believe every woman in this world is a fighter.
So let’s own our body….
Let’s own our mind….
Let’s own our life…..
Let’s fight for our rights……
I believe every can do this.