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Exploitation is selflessly taking advantage of someone or group of people. And exploitation consist of all may it be for humans, nature or any nonliving things.
Women exploitation was the major issue faced by women in ancient times, medieval era and still one of issue which has no end. During that era, women were recognized only as wives and mothers and in today’s modern world they are treated and recognized more than that in every term, but exploiting still continues.
Women’s position and their respect is done and given but they are still struggling for their own identity, and to make place for themselves. Exploitation starts from home and continues till workplace. At family level dowry, domestic violence, discrimination, etc. and outside family, it includes sexual assault, rape, eve teasing, etc. During the ancient times, they had to just do everything for family only and now a woman handles both family and work but still has not much importance of her own.
Sometimes raising voice for themselves makes them fear of being assaulted and then they have to tolerate that exploitation and then again, they have to be quiet just because they are women. They are exploited not only sexually but mentally, physically, socially, emotionally too. Living in so modern world where modernity and western culture is practiced but the exploitation is still the same and fear and insecurity of women’s is each day alarming. Sometimes they are also treated selfish or narcissist when the choose their happiness or career over any other things.
Each day there’s an exploitation in someway or the other like; if a girl speaks too much, she’s talkative and taught not to speak too much; when wife earns more than his husband then she is treated like she doesn’t respect his husband and chooses her career over family; girls are also said that choose a career which doesn’t make you do more work because you can’t do it as precisely as men, so in many cases the capability of women is judged just because she does what she feels best for her.
Wearing anything she wants, speaking up for herself, asking for equality, earning for herself, etc. are all the cases where she is treated as lower than men and less capable to do anything because she’s a women. Many consider that people should do what’s best for their gender like women’s should only manage home and cook and men should work at office and earn for his family, that’s only a biggest exploitation done with women’s.
It’s said in famous quote by Eleanor Roosevelt as: “A Woman is like a tea bag- you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water”. Just like this can be applied to practice and see how a woman can handle each little thing and every big task simultaneously.
Some lines which can define how she tolerates and how woman is,
Beauty in her eyes
Tolerance in her soul
She’s a Quiet but also a Rebel
She’s Fragile and also Wild

She has Wings and also has Weapons
After falling each time still she Grows
Just like a seed grows into a flower.
She holds a Pen
But also runs a Home
Everything just she Gives, but never Asks….
Changing society day by day has both positive and negative effects on women, positively in a way of modernity, opportunity and equality but negatively, in a way of increasing in crimes against women’s such as assault, rapes, women trafficking, eve teasing and so on.
There are many acts and articles for women’s safety, so women’s should not tolerate and take step for herself, because by each small step they not only do for them but can inspire other women’s for their betterment and by this way a change can be brought.