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Dharani Sri
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We all know the statement “change is the only permanent thing”. It is a universal truth but not in the case of women. Since ancient period women are exploited in all the fields of life. Starting from female infanticide to legal rape. In the ancient days, people worshipped only the god and not goddess. They also practiced the same in the later period of their lives. They thought that the female is weaker sex and they are not productive in their socio-economic life. In the present days the sex selective abortion is happening everywhere. Although it is an illegal, still it is happening in a developing country like India. Female infanticide is also a common issue in a developing nation. If a girl is born, her childhood will be dreadful. She will be ignored and not given equal priority. They remain isolated. And at the later stages of their childhood days, they are used as a labor. They also victimized in the case of child abuse and child trafficking. At their maturity stage, they are often abused or compelled to child marriage. They are lack of education and spend their lives in the kitchen. They are often victimized for sexual harassment. After marriage they are tortured both physically and mentally. In most of the cases women are used only as reproductive machine. As same as their childhood, they remain isolated and mentally depressed. They are raped by their husband. These cases are not noticed by the society. They also remain helpless when they lost their sexual beauty and reproducing capacity. Homicide is the most common content in daily newspapers. Most the cases are not even noticed by the media. In India we say that women are independent. But according to me, it is the biggest lie. Not only in India, in many countries gender equality remains an unfulfilled goal. The next big problem in this millennium is DOWRY. Still there are cases filed in the police station, but the death rate due to dowry doesn’t decrease. Practices of dowry tend to subordinate women in the society. Another big issue is gang rape. The women are victimized and they are not given justice in most of the cases. Because of these incidents, most of the women are afraid to step out of their homes. They are being abused by the neighbors, relatives, friends, and unknown people. These crimes need to be ended and cannot be tolerated. The status of women is positively talked in most of the digital platforms, but in reality, still they are struggling for their dignity and shouting for their problems. The death rate of women due to dowry, harassment, eve-teasing and of being abused are increasing. Crimes against women should be punished in this digital era. In this era, every woman should get education to solve the problems in any circumstances. Education is a weapon to change the world. In the case of gang rapes, the court should punish those animals in a cruel way. They should get fear even before thinking a woman in a wrong way.