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Women – who are worshipped as a goddess, who are backbone of society , who are the reason for the existence of the society are sadly have no existence in this society. The society a place made by people having same beliefs and mind-sets still believes that the Male are superior to the women and can do whatever they want As they wish we all live in a male dominated society no matter what a woman perceives of herself the society don’t care about what she want they think of woman as an object made to please them on whom they can force their rules and laws and object to be controlled who is not supposed to rise her voice because if she did who knows what the other person could do to her. She can get abused by the ones she feel safe with.
In day to day life, we always came across the news of women abused , harassing , domestic violence and rape. But what we do we read that page of newspaper feel pity for the woman or girl for some time and then we move on and what we are supposed to do to make the people aware that women are not toys or objects they are also human they have feeling to they also feel the need of love and support they also want to be independent and free they also have dreams . In today’s era still girls are forced to have sex, still girls are been forced to be a pornstar for the desire of the society which never ever accept them.
We all are aware about our past, how women are exploited. For that time people used to say women are not aware or are afraid or that it is male dominating society but what about the current era ? is this a non – male dominating society ? for me – no , even now males are priority of society. Violation against women still remain a major concern and the most privacy form of human rights violation worldwide the violation can take place at any moment of women’s life span and its not a problem of anyone country but the whole world still women are facing difficulty in every second turn of their life . As in India we can hear a lot of cases regarding rape od small girl , In US man can claim paternal right. In Iran wives need permission to travel abroad without their husband permission. In Arabia women aren’t allowed to drive .
In this modern era women are just on the basis of their dress a woman has to think twice before she says or do anything. Even now society don’t accept a divorced woman according to them these women are not allowed to live there life freely . Even now girl who who’s been raped the society don’t see her as a victim, but as a culprit (No matter she is a 5 year old girl or 45 year old woman , she is married or unmarried) .Even now women are treated as a weaker gender . We still discriminate between a boy and a girl, they are taught that girl has to do house chores and boys have to go out and earn . The girl is asked a lot of questions when she leave the house or return back to home from outside but on the other hand a boy can roam freely without any question I even in the night . why can’t parents ask their daughter to make herself strong, why can’t they taught her self Defence?
I think it’s high time people need to know that girls are not weakest part they are the strongest part . Now it’s not only time to rise a voice but it’s time time to adapt small changes . May be these changes will take some time to show their results but in future they do.
Now it’s time we have to realise the both genders (males and females) are equal to one another. People need to change their mind-set with the time and it’s not like that changes have not take place, if we compare the history with present there were many revolutions and protest that have taken place to give the females a place in the society . Women are given voting rights and the dowry system is also changing with the time and there are many more changes that has been taken place. “Yes , we are changing but why these changes are so slow” We not only need to modernise the society but to modernize thinking the generation and the laws of the society.