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Yash Tiwari
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Women Exploitation in Modern Society

Society is changing in the terms of technology, civilization, and so on for the betterment of mankind but, as society is changing women have to face several difficulties to reach a certain level. As a result of these struggles, women suffer from various problems. Women’s Exploitation in Modern Society is one of the most important issues. It is considered as exploitation of women because of their gender and gender only. They are not getting enough respect in our society. They are struggling with their security issues. Their freedom of decision-making and freedom to live independently is restricted. Feminist Movement has a long history in India. Women’s conditions have changed, there is equal opportunity to women in fields of education and jobs but the representation and political empowerment of women remains low.
Role of Society in Women Exploitation
There are many stages of women’s exploitation in developing, third-world societies. The major reasons that can be attributed to the cause of such exploitation are, education system followed in every country of the world, which until now is still passing a value judgment on women’s dressing sense by insisting that no sleeveless dress can ever be worn and that too wearing skirts till their knees would so ever fetch a woman decent living. Women have been exploited throughout history and are taken for granted. The oppression of women is still found in every society on the planet. It takes many forms, from female genital mutilation to domestic violence to unequal pay for equal work. And even when we speak about paid or unpaid labor, be it giving birth or cooking for a male partner, women are always reported to do more than their male counterparts.
Women/Girls are discriminated against by every part of society. They think that girls are useless or for decoration purposes only. Girls are not safe from being killed by parents, from the lecherous behavior of society, and from being killed in the womb. In many cases, girl child cause headache for their parents as they cannot afford to marry them or they don’t have enough money for their marriage or dowry, etc. A woman is the creator of all human life, and both a mother and a father are essential for the healthy development of a child. Gender is an essential characteristic of individual human beings, and men and women should not be treated as if they were interchangeable. A man committing domestic violence against his wife or girlfriend violates the integrity of the home.
How can we bring a change?
The most unfortunate fact of the modern world is that women are still being treated as slaves. Everywhere they work for exploitation and abuse. They show great courage and valor to stand in the face of this extreme oppression. They sacrifice their lives to make a living, but those who exploit them don’t even realize their rights. In the era of globalization and with the revolution in means of communication and information technology, the media role has become more crucial for women empowerment in Indian modern society. The media can make a difference by exposing the evils of society and holding those accountable, from teachers to leaders. High-level education towards Women Empowerment and Woman Safety should be mandatory in Schools and Colleges.
Yes, we have equal rights on paper but discrimination is still prevalent and most women are unaware of it. They don’t realize that they are being exploited or that they are part of the problem. The issue of sexual harassment, sexual objectification, fair pay and benefit, victim-blaming, domestic violence, etc. is so prevalent in our society. Because it’s so common women tend to think that they are a norm in our society rather than an exception. Empowering women is the best way to bring them forward. Education will play a vital role in empowering women. Attempting to push women forward means we need to pave paths for them to walk on. With education as the key, we can’t wait for a brighter future. We must teach our boys not to feel vindicated because they’re men and not to feel superior to women. Charity begins at home and one day we will change this hideous mindset of society.