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Samrat Roy
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There are innumerable powers hidden in the literal meaning of the word woman, which are in every corner of the society in the form of someone’s sister or mother or wife or grandmother, even though India is a patriarchal country, it is more worshiped of goddess. We worship women’s power but the place of women in the society seems to be relatively improved but in reality they have been kept in the dark. Today, in the present age, a girl can’t stand up and shout and say that my menstrual cycle is going on, or a girl can’t bring the envelope of a sanitary pads from the drug store without hesitation. In fact, the society consists of me and you, only social media has become aware, not the users of social media, women still have to cover their faces and walk on the streets very carefully, why? Is the law of society only for them, and for those who are publicly killing their wives with screws in the streets in daylight, for those who are raping a child in the dark of night, is spending two days in jail enough? Today we are living in the 21st century, many of us proud to say that we are very advanced, we have given equal status to girls, we have given equal place to girls, in fact we have given equal status or social place, actually we haven’t give them, they have created their own rights, Today, even if a girl is standing and walking down the street, five people will look at her and say something to her, why? We call the earth as ‘Dharitri’, because the earth holds us, the boy who is killing his wife today, the boy who is killing his mother, the boy who is raping a baby today, that boy has also born in the womb of a women, The fact is that no one has been able to lift the black veil of Kisnoskriti in the eyes of the society. Like a black hole, deep in the abyss, all the prostitutes in our country are looked down upon in society, But the amazing thing today is how many human beings are enduring the lust of the animal in their own body, and without the soil of that brothel but the idol of mother Durga and is not made, Today, the girl who has been raped, the girl knows how greedy that animal is. Society is immersed in today and darkness, its awakening will be happened one day, when every woman will wake up, the day a girl like Elon smeal will be born, the day when there will be no excuse for feminism, the day when there will be nothing called as rape, the awakening will happen, and it must be happened. I believe that a woman is not just a decorative object or an animal that works like an ass, that I will take her if I give her so much money and so much jewelry in marriage, or leave her in the house, woman is a Power , the man who has been able to own this power has been established in his life , that is why it is said , “there is a woman behind every man’s success”.