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Radha Agrawal
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Our country and it’s culture is changing day by day in keeping with today’s new generation but the thinking of individuals and their behaviour remains the identical. In today’s generation as in diversion the ladies need to face all the difficulties in life. Within the village the ladies are married in their early age. The women aren’t sent to high school whether or not the fogeys have money, they only provide education to their sons. They think that in future sons can only take sure of themselves. Women face sex offense and violence in today’s modern generation. Women doesn’t feel safety in our modern society. The ladies cannot walk alone in street in night because they’ll be the victim of sexual assault. Whether or not the people are roaming around the violence isn’t stopping. We can take the instance of Nirbhaya case. The case occured in 2012 and also the rapists got the punishment in 2020. It gives chance to other rapists because they know that the government can’t do anything. Same happens in 2019 named Priyanka Reddy case. The rapists did not have any fear and that they committed a criminal offense. The rich people are exploiting women for dowry. The ladies are exploited in various natures. They became the victim of prostitution, rape, murder etc.
“If women are educated their countries become stronger and more prosperous”. This quote reflects that the ladies must incline education all told parts of the country. In today’s modern generation men are dominant. The person is the head of the family not women. If the ladies dies then the boys can easily marry the another woman but if the husband dies the ladies need to face the cruel culture of the society. They need to wear white saree and couldn’t attend any functions. They’re considered as sin of the society. But nobody understand that she is the same women who take care of all the members of the family and play role as an honest wife , good mother, good daughter and good daughter-in-law. If she commits one mistake everyone blames her. This is often our cruel society. Why this happen in our society? It’s because we people have created this from the start period. The thinking of individuals remains the identical, only by wearing modern clothes and jewellery doesn’t mean that the person can’t be modern main thing is that the thinking should be broad minded.
If woman works or do employment it’s her duty she should be sure of her relations too. After doing employment and returning a home she prepared all the dishes and after serving her relations her serves herself. There’s nobody to assist her. If the uneducated couples know that they’re visiting give birth to girl child they force to do abortion and kill that baby. Why this is often happening in our society. They think that only boy child can give all of them the happiness. It’s very wrong. The people in our society aren’t aware of the importance of girls empowerment. We must always organise different programmes to create the aware and teach them how we should always treat our women.

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