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Women exploitation in modern society

‘’ Women are only exploited group in history to have been idealized into powerlessness’’

The world is growing and evolving day by day the one issue which is constant not changing is that women’s exploitation. Living in the 21st century many women are still not valued, appreciated, and not given the opportunity. There is no change in social behavior towards women, many people still have an ideology that is women are made for household chores and birth givers, and they have no liberty to make the decision for themselves. Every other day women face the problems of eve-teasing, sexual harassment, crimes, molestation, abortion, and whatnot. There are still some women who are fighting for their justice but there is no set period how much women have to fight to get their justice. It’s become the mindset of the people that women exploitation just a normal thing there will be hype in media for few days and after some time it will be all normal.
Why only women have to struggle to change their own world? Why can’t our male dominating society try to change? She has to stop tolerating exploitation and start to raise her voice for justice and this will encourage other women. The modern world should be defined as a place where all are treated equally and women are respected. Society has to stop being judgmental towards modern women and stat evolving. There is the solution that every woman should be given higher education, awareness about sex education, and also the have the knowledge about laws and orders. The most important thing is women need to come forward to end patriarchal standards and beliefs. Every government needs to make sure that women feel safe and sound, also strict laws are imposed for the culprits. Those people should feel fears while doing things wrong with the women. Poor investigations and false assessment of the evidence need to change. Men have always got everything easily in their plate but women had to fight for everything she wants. For instance, Men have always got first preference for promotions in comparison to women, just because they can work for the long run, not in terms of their ability. But these are some pre assumptions about women which have made by our so
Mental violence is the new way of torturing and exploiting getting them depressed so that women commit suicide, many women get anxiety attacks. People body shaming, constantly making vulgar statements on their character, criticizing their work knowingly.
The root cause of exploitation that children learn what he /she sees in the surrounding. Boys are not bothered about making their own food or washing their clothes. Because they believe their mother is made to such things and after marriage, their wife will do it. But if we taught the children at a small age that you have to do your things on your own it will bring changes. Because changes are important to have greater impact on society. But there is also the bright side that people have slowly started to accept the changes which women trying to makes for ages.
We all know Rome was not built in a day, just like a change can’t happen in a day. But we can always try to make small daily changes like supporting women to reaching higher heights, speak up against exploitation, Making people understand orthodox are just some misconceptions thought made by a society which leads to exploitation.