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Aruja Badola
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We can see any era, few things had always remain same, the culture and thinking of society. The major reason why people had very false thinking about women is that people relate the culture and and religions believes without full knowledge about there religion. We cannot blame the culture only, but also what we as society teach the young ones. Society has always told boys that it’s ok to be violent and to women they teach its best to be tolerent. Now this thing had became a part of the culture as it has being practiced from a long time. But in our religion its a sin to treat a woman like she had been treated for this whole time. Our religion treat women as a Godess but most importantly every living being should be treated equally. But what society says, it’s a whole different thing. India is not the only country where all these thing happens.
A girl is a child who is not safe inside the womb and outside the womb as well.
This is true. When it comes to discrimination, safety, allegations, cheap thinking age of female doesn’t matter. A girl child is first taught to do household work, a teenage girl is told to stay in her limits, a woman is told to tolerate all the abuses, a old women is told that you are useless. So no matter what is the age of a female, which place she came from a rural or the urban areas, a morden or from an orthodox family there is something that makes a female think that what is her identity. And when we females try to find it, people including our family, parents, sometimes friends they make us feel that you should not try to find who you are, just accept what your parents, society, culture want you to be. But when it comes to a male he has his own identity just because, “nothing special he is also a human like a female” but still they get the right to be violent, dominant, disrespectful towards anyone they want, regardless whether it’s there parents, wife, elder. Why? Because society, culture thinks that they earn well, they are more safe in this outside world then women, they are more smart, and they are muscular so they can fight. These are all the basic reasons why male is considered the dominant gender in society. Why women is considered weak? Because she is not muscular, smart, and at the end of the dayher work is to get married give birth and take care of child and family. Now let’s just compare. Women gives birth after carrying 1,2 kg inside her body for 9 months and give a painful birth, so definitely she is stronger. Since childhood she is kept around the four wall, she has no experience of outside world, but still she is taught in whom you can trust and whom you cannot. She don’t earn because she do all the household work, without complains, holidays, 24 hours shift, you can’t even afford to pay her for her service. But after all sacrifice, criticism, discrimination, disrespect if she ask for her rights, or talk about her dreams, choices,etc then she is a bad blood for not only for the society but also for her own parents. This is the most heartbreaking and disturbing thing that parents trust everything that they user from others but they don’t trust there own child, if she gets into a problem some will help her but everyparent is scared to help her, that what society will think or say. Even though they are morden, still this thought will come into there mind at least for once. Since starting she thinks that her parents are her well wisher but, once she came to know the reality she gets a mental breakdown which makes her do whatever others say, because she thinks when my own parents, family thinks like this. They can’t wear what they want, they can’t go alone where they want, they need to follow what the society and there parents say. Women is not a object who people what to be the way they like. They have there own identity.
In conclusion we should start changing ourselves as we are the part of society, start speaking against this exploitation of women, if you are a women be an example to others, a bold speaker and a successful women.
So girls don’t be afraid of downfalls. You will fall, cry ( not because you are weak but because you had been strong for the long time), get up fight again, and one day you will win in some or the other way because you never gave up.