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Huda Bhoraniya
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“There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish” – Michelle Obama.

Women, The most and very important part of the society yet looked down upon society. There are so many debates undergoing in the name of women. But the result to each debate is still unfixed. Women are the strongest pillar of this society, however they are treated in a most debated way. India is one of the most beautiful and secular nation, it is accompanied by the people of many diverse nationality and originality. Yet the concern over the women is same irrespective of their originality. From ancient time women’s are assigned a particular task and till up to date that work is only considered as the ideal work for a women. My concern over here is that irrespective of times if a women is asked to perform the same duty then why is it different for males. Why males sometime changes their course of duty with time. Is it eligible for a man to work as a cook in some restaurant because according to the society cooking is the work of female. Why being a chef of a particular restaurant or hotel is looked up as a pride work but women doing the office work is given names. Is this the gender equality that we all desire for or is this the mentality that can never be changed. If a women takes care of her family, then its her responsibility. But if the same work is done by a man it makes the man to get some kind of superiority or he is adored by the society as he is being considerate. Why the case is not same with women, even though all other aspects remains unchanged.
For a housewife, she needs to look after the house and her family and their needs, no compromise involved these are the particular rules set by the society, Then why for a working man the budget system is applied before planning anything. Is it not an exploitation of women’s hard work. The practice of mothers to search for their sons wife has almost many similar categories. Why always women are subjected to fit in for particular categories. The world in which we live consist of many advance technology but no one knows when there will be advances in peoples thinking. A women deciding her lifestyle is too modern yet man deciding his lifestyle is responsible and dedicated. A women planning her own marriage is too bold yet man planning his marriage is thoughtful. There are many yet and many hopes accompanied with in them of women’s. The modern world should be theoretically modern in all aspects but practically it is just confined to particular things and even while living in a modern world women are exploited to many old aged ideologies. With a change in world every thing is subjected to be changed however the thinking process remains the same for Indian society that judges a women on even a tiny little thing but will forgive a man for even his biggest crime. The constitution of India has provided many great rights to women yet man are succumb to object them not politically but publically. The most basic example of this is a women driving a car, after the age of 18 male and females are legally allowed to drive with their driving license. However when seem on road male avoids to drive near a female driver or some even hesitate to sit beside a women driver. Why, the most illogical reason ever, women’s are not good with their driving. I think, is there even a place in world where there is no exploitation of women. Or is there even a place where true gender equality exist like a real world full of real people and of course with a royal thinking.