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In this very world we have different prefessions, different hobbies, different mindsets but one thing is common in every society. ‘Women Exploitation’ for every woman, whether she is from some upper class society or some down cast, aged or child, working or non-working, from modern society or the ancient times, each of them from each of our houses experienced it.
And it’s not only about sexual assault, we get our daughters killed, some just want to turn down their daughter as she is to be believed as a burden.According to the data from UNICEF, in every 10 minutes an adolescent girl died as a result of violence. 1 in every 5 girls get sexually abused atleast one in her life.
So, is it enough shameful to you? O no, I guess you’re just going to blame women’s dresses, their dreams and so on. A slow clap for your #rape culture.
Oh! some of you are asking why these things happen to our female? Actually… Sorry but I can’t give you an exact answer and I guess none of us can. Some says it’s for illiteracy among society, but I can’t ensure that. Don’t we, literate people don’t pursue that? Ask to yourself.
Women and girls are continuously being objectified , hypersexualized . It can be in terms of entertainment, in some advertisement, in our work field. And what we’re doing? We’re accepting them freely, making them worth to money. Our media contributes to harmful gender stereotypes that often trivialize these violence.
In the same society, some places still consider women should not dream, they should be caged. Even some consider that women want to be raped.
Even we women just accept it that if a woman is getting better among male supremacy, there has to be something fishy.
Even we children don’t accept our mother’s dreams sometimes. For a father, it’s ok if he just travel and work in the name of feeding his family and that’s good but why we expect our mother to leave all of her dreams and just acknowledge our needs.
There’s even a theory like marital rape where husband don’t even consider her wife’s willing for intercourse. Our men society don’t even know to ask and to accept rejection. As a result there’s an increasing number of cases of acid attacks. And still that girl is victimized.
There’s not a single place where women feel safe all the time, not even in their houses. Some of their blood relatives are looking with a insane ideology. Outsiders are clutching them with their wolf eyes.
In some ancient society, there’s a culture where vagina is sewed at early age, leaving small hole for releasing period blood and pee. And this culture is passed down from female to female. That sew is only cut by her husband after marriage.
So all along, it’s the mindset which is flowing through generation to generation from the ending of vedic age till now. We snip every girl children by continuously reminding them, they are weaker, powerless. Just one wrong move and they’re gonna banish from earth.
But despite of all of the negativity, there’s some organizations who are ready to help girl children for securing their dreams, their right to live. There’s a mindset called feminism, of course you all know about that, who are trying continuously that our women can also feel safe whenever wherever they are, they should be approached with an equal sentiment as a man. And among all of these we want men to also think about it, cause men and women both are society and it can’t be changed alone.
And after all of these , if there’s still a confusion about why we’re being wild and screaming about equality, please go and talk to female of your family. Try to understand them. Do they feel safe whenever and wherever they are?