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simran arora
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Do you think women empowerment does not mean encouraging women in society, but it means helping them stand without challenging the patriarchal norms in society?

One thing hasn’t changed for years in the new India, that is, women’s exploitation. In every culture, women are exploited in more than one way. One might not be astonished to learn that one side of the world may have privileges in one sector, the other may not have the same. One of the other things is always missing the picture.

In the modern chakra view of society, women’s exploitation does not limit till sexual abuse in the work and domestic surfaces. It goes on to unequal payment, mental abuse, physical confinement. Time and again, safety and rules and regulations are promised to women globally, but one fails to deliver the promises. In South America, abortion is legally banned. It prohibits the right of women to make decisions. Not before 2015, women were allowed to vote in South Arabia. In India, every four minutes, a woman is raped, and yet, many cases remain unregistered. Across the world, women’s exploitation seems to become a habit of patriarchs in any or every other form. Some may dedicate their power to religious premises, while others may do it in bureaucracy.

When we talk about women’s exploitation in modern society, we cannot stay confined to sexual abuse because there is more to it. In a world where everyone is climbing the ladders of success without looking behind, women stick to one place for years. Even in the 21st century, women are more likely to be confined in the domestic boundaries than men, despite promising equal rights.

Many of you must have heard about the common ways of exploitation, which are rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment, prenatal sex selection, female infanticide, and acid attacks. But with modern society, there are modern ways of attacking too. Do you know even online premises proudly practice gender-based violence? Do you know that mob practices are prevalent for women as well? Have you heard about reproductive coercion and obstetric violence? Reproductive coercion is not a reported crime by many countries globally, yet it is an act of violence. It is a birth control practice that may or may not be adopted by a woman’s will. On the other hand, obstetric violence is a prevalent practice in Latin America and African countries. It is another form of rape, only it is a much worse form of physical abuse and takes place with newborns or females below the age of puberty.

Some of the violations are mentioned below as per research studies.
35-40% of women experience abusive behavior in their past or current relationships.
More than 600 million women were married as children, and most of the women were married before they turned 15.
The female genital mutation is practiced on more than three million women every year.
One is a female in every four human trafficking victims (children).

If we keep counting, there are probably infinite measures in which a woman is exploited. As we have discussed exploitation in various measures, one thing is yet left to discuss! The honor killings in the name of women still take place across the world, especially in India. More than a thousand people in India are killed every year in the name of honor killing, that is, the protection of daughters and sisters.

It is high-old-time that people should understand that women can make their decisions. One must note that women must not be compared to men for the decision-making scenarios. As much as any human, women are allowed to live and take a stand for themselves in every field. Despite the practices that are followed for centuries, now is the time to stop and make new practices. The country must evolve with changing times because the more these practices continue, the more the force of empowerment reduces.