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Edutuber mallu
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Women constitute almost half of humanity, yet they have remained subservient to
men in many fields. It is really very unfortunate that women have played a secondary
and marginal role in the male dominated society till now. However, women of today
ran’t accept their exploitation lying down. They have launched a vigorous movement
for safeguarding their rights and interests. They are clamouring for women
empowerment. They know that real power lies in money and policy making. That is
why they are demanding reservation of 33% for women in jobs as well as representation
in state assemblies and national parliament. At present women representatives are
few and far between. They can be counted on finger tips. Men outnumber women in
jobs too. Harassment of working women results from the dominant position of the
male bosses and the fear of economic insecurity of the female workers.
Some conservative sections of the society regard women as weak and inferior to men
and hence unsuitable for outdoor work. These people are highly mistaken. Modern
women are fully equipped with education, expertise, confidence, self-respect and
ndependence. A glance at the results of the public examinations reveals the superior
rank and pass percentage of girls. Then why discriminate against them in jobs or
Representation in legislation? If women can run homes efficiently, they can manage
affairs of the state with the same precision. Reservation for women should be
approved in the Constitution by passing a bill to this effect. This measure will end
ue marginalisation of women in the supreme policy making bodies and pave the way
or their emancipation, enlightenment and empowerment.