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Women Exploitation in Modern Society
Since the ancient times, women have always been exploited, considered less and given a lower status in humanity. Everything around the world kept upgrading – be it technology, politics, infrastructure etc. but the mindset of people regarding women is still not enhanced towards equality in competence with men.
Throughout human history, gender roles have often defined and limited women’s activities and opportunities. India is a growing country, it has been developing in a lot of sectors rapidly but the women in our society are continued to be exploited.
“No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of it’s women and deprives itself of the contribution of half it’s citizen” —Michelle Obama
We all have always been hearing various quotes about lifting up women, giving them opportunities. But do everyone of us actually try to uplift women? To bring them forward, as equal as men? I think, no. Most of all has been a part of the patriarchal society that inheritedly have mindset of men supermacy over women. Even today, in this modern era where everyone claims to treat their daughters as equal to their sons, daughters still face alot more restrictions than their sons, brothers or husbands. Many of them are still killed even before being born, just because of the mindset of some people that says “daughters bring shame to the family”.
‘Sit properly’, ‘behave nicely’ , ‘wear decent clothes’, ‘ don’t stay out for long’ etc.etc. These are some famous idioms very frequently heard by women/girls in the society commonly by their own family members. Even after being a part of this modern world, some women out their are still facing violence whether within their own houses or in the community.
Women by far have earned many rights courtesy which they are considered as equal to every other human being on this planet. But these political rights have frightfully failed in changing people’s mindset in respecting their women. Early sources indicate that women were considered as sexual slaves for men, men have always been given the privilege to use women for their sexual pleasures as much as they want. Till now, in the present modern era women are mercilessly used by men for their sexual needs.
Women around are not safe in their own country. It’s a shame to say that as a country we fail to protect our women who are hypothetically worshipped in the temples but brutally raped and murdered in the streets. Infact, their own houses have become a doom where they’re immensely violated and are threatened to keep their mouth shut for speaking anything about their sufferings. Even after being disrespected, they’re asked to respect their brothers, husband and fathers for the sake of society which, although, never treated a woman as a human. Rape, harrasment, sexual abuse, domestic violence are some very common acts mostly faced by women on a daily basis.
Moreover, lack of women-respect, lack of women empowerment and patriarchal system is responsible for women exploitation. Women can only be considered equal when the society is ready to change their patriarchal mindset and start respecting women.