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kriti sharma
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Women Exploitation in Modern Society
Exploitation is a broad spectrum of continuous process which can annihilate a person utterly and completely from inside Out. Exploitation does not have one face i.e., the face we all know and see the tangible physical face but it can also be mental emotional and intangible to the naked eye. And this intangible exploitation can come from the places where we least expect it from.
It was mother’s day yesterday and what I realised at the end of the day was that the sour thought that we all love posting pictures and wishing Happy mothers day to the women in our life, just that and nothing else for the whole day and the rest of the following year. As I heard my mother saying yesterday ‘nothing changes. It’s just another day for me there is nothing special about it. It is the day for you to celebrate and feel good about yourself but I am the one who still goes into the kitchen for 365 days a year’. And this ladies and gentlemen was the thought that stuck with me.
Isn’t this exploitation this ruse of celebrating mother’s day by waking up in the morning which we did yesterday and our mothers doing the exact same thing which she will do tomorrow. Where is the change, where is the better us, the better society, the better tomorrow that this day was supposed to stand for. We not exploited the women and the mothers but we exploited the day that stood for them and changed it into some kind of social spectacle for everybody to post about.
These days are useless and should be forgotten to time if we do not know what they stand for. Where are the feminist when they are comfortable in there own AC room and their mothers are cooking for them in a small kitchen without even a fan. Where does the feminism go? I wish I knew the answer. This is the exploitation we should be wary of. Because this has seeped into our code and has shaped us to who We are today and we participate in it and accept it on a daily basis.
And this makes this intangible exploitation so dangerous that it happens in our own backyard and we refuse to recognise it at all costs.
Hence we need to educate ourselves first about exploitation before taking it to the other gender where we are doing this to other women. How can we stop it and how can we change it?. We also need to go back to our roots when women stood for one another with one another and fought for these days to be written in history as mother’s day or Women’s day. We need to bring the sentiment back to the mainstream, look from where we went wrong. Where did we start taking on all this exploitation even from our own gender. And then we need to at all costs.
And maybe then and only then we can start to be worthy of the day that we celebrate all women but until then we are just a cog in the exploitation machine for women.