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Sudesna Maji
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Women seen as the weaker creature has always been exploited for all the time and for all the wrong reasons, they are oppressed, harassed and exploited in every place around the world. from the very era of violence, humiliation on the women, all over the world, they have struggled to live their life to their fullest, they are being been suppressed from men, the patriarchal component of society,
men have always been the prominent and strong part of the society and superior over anything prevailing and women have been looked down always and neglected in every possible way, they are considered a burden in the family, economically depleting the family resources, many kill the girl child, preventing them from being born, discriminating them from the boy in every sphere of life from the very birth, the birth of girl child has seen great grief and problem in a family, they are trafficked and forced to undergo violence in forms of marriage, rape, prostitution, etc.
they are exploited in their home, workplace, and family, outsiders, everyone. they are suppressed by the boss, coworkers for being weak and not capable to do work, sexual abuse on them, many times it is executed by close relatives, they are thought to not being able to produce anything creative in terms of money, they are only seen as objects of sexual ecstasy and only used for that purpose, they are being slowed down constantly, the women who have been productive are subjected to verbal abuse and said to lose their feminity and their vigor which leads to depressing activities in women and not letting them strive.
enforced laws and campaigns have helped a lot but a lot of work is still needed to be done, it is based on cultural and ethical beliefs, on an end note, this is an age old gender based violence that needs to be eradicated, which is protested and still experienced by women all over the world.