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anshika agarwal
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We are living in a men dominant society. Womens are still not free to do whatever they want. They are being treated badly by the men. They are sexually harassed. In the modern society women are exploited emotionally, physically and sexually. Women are called selfish when they choose career over family. Patriarchy society wishes women to hide their thoughts and desires in a veil.
When the men earns livelihood for the family and women take cares of the family, society consider it a happy family. But when a women earns livelihood for the family and men takes care of child and family at home, society considers it an evil. A man never wants to eat a bite of food which is earned by his wife. He feels disrespected. Why acid is thrown on women? Just because they had raised their voice and didn’t done the thing that men expects.
Women are always exploited in the past and as well as the present world also. When a woman marry either she wishes to or not to have a physical relationship with her partner but her wish is never considered. She is being treated as a property by man. And after marriage he got a license to rape her. Why society wants women to wear a mangalsutra and have red sindoor on their forehead? Is this not a exploitation?
Women are supposed to keep their mouth shut infront of everyone. Men can take out of someone else’s anger on women. After marriage they treat a women like a maid or a servant.
Women who are becoming a feminist and raising voice towards this patriarchy society are being harassed. This society can’t digest that women have a control on this society.