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Access to education is access to opportunity. It may seem like a simple thing with no barriers, yet, for many, it is an unreachable goal.

Females continue to face obstacles based on their gender, age, financial status, and other factors. The right to education is universal and without discrimination, but not everyone has equal access to education.

In the backward sectors of society, parents would prefer their sons to get educated and make their daughters learn how to cook and clean. The age-old norms that females belong at home while men become the breadwinners of the family are a reason for girls being denied education.

Aside from poverty, another reason for the lack of access to education is the gender stereotypes that girls do not have the brains for higher education. There is a lack of a welcoming and educational environment for all, not to mention unsafe infrastructure and inadequate sanitation care. Girls may choose not to attend school because of gender-based assaults and a lack of safety in the classroom. In other cases, their education is halted due to child marriage, pregnancy, or other circumstances.

Gender-equitable education systems can help to reduce gender-based violence and practises like child marriage in schools. Rather than believing that educating girls is a waste of money and time, investing in girls’ education can help to build a better community. Education can help to strengthen economies, make better decisions for themselves and society, and so on.

Everyone has the right to an education. An educated person, regardless of their level of qualification, will be able to contribute to the betterment of society and themselves.