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Female foeticide is the process of finding out the sex of the foetus and undergoing abortion if it is a girl. Female infanticide is when the girl child is killed after she is born. Be it unborn or born, the minute it is known the child is a girl, the plan to kill the child is made.

Women are at the bottom rung in the social ladder and are discriminated against widely, solely based on their gender. Men are the superior species while women are the inferior ones. The patriarchal society and its culture have made it so that women are always looked at in a different light.

Parents prefer sons to daughters, especially in less-developed areas as they believe that sons will be able to continue the heritage and ensure financial stability in the future. Having a daughter would mean parents having to spend money as dowry and for other factors to raise her. A daughter would not bring in any benefit. This is one of the main reasons for female foeticides happening.

Because male children are preferred and female children are killed, the population’s male-female ratio is skewed toward men, with more men than women. One would think that in developed and educated areas, female foeticide would not be seen. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

There are laws in place to prevent female foeticide, but people still find ways to determine the sex of the foetus and abort it. Despite protective measures to reduce female foeticide, female foeticide persists in some parts of the world. It will exist as long as there is a male bias and discrimination and hatred towards women.