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Femininity is not treated kindly by society. Anyone who is feminine is seen as inferior or weaker. Despite there being nothing wrong with being feminine, anyone who embraces their femininity is ridiculed and mocked. A reason for femininity to be seen in a negative light is that it is related to females, which automatically puts it there.

The sentence ‘female actresses should not use their femininity for promotion’ could be interpreted in two ways.

One way to look at it is from the standpoint of society attempting to shame women for being on the feminine side. Women are said to be more feminine because they are more in tune with their feminine side, which society considers bad. Skirts, high heels, the colour pink, makeup, and so on are all considered feminine. One is shamed if they embrace their femininity and everything that comes with it. It also emphasises society’s misogynistic ideals, such as society’s desire to control a woman’s thoughts, actions, and even clothing. A female actress who is proud of her femininity would not be treated kindly and she would be gossiped about.

Actresses preach about the objectification of women in the media and the ‘male gaze,’ where women are portrayed stereotypically and presented as mere eye candy. Ironically, objectification of women makes use of women’s femininity, which society regards as shameful. While some actresses actively oppose the objectification of women’s bodies in the media, they accept roles that blatantly objectify them. In a cutthroat industry like the entertainment industry, people will go to great lengths to ensure fame and success. Actresses will not hesitate to use their femininity to advance their careers if it benefits them.

Is it a bad thing to be feminine for the sake of their careers in the entertainment industry, where looks over talent are prioritised, and where femininity can be embraced, if only for the sake of being eye-candy?

One has to remember that being feminine is nothing to be ashamed of.