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One of the most obvious issues we see is the wage disparity between men and women. Women are commonly known to earn less than men, even when doing the same job for the same number of hours.

Women’s occupations differ from men’s, resulting in disparities in earnings. A man is said to work in the manufacturing industry, which pays more than an educational service, which mostly employs women.

Everyone has been affected by the pandemic, regardless of gender or race. Men and women were both affected by job loss, low income, and other factors. Women may have been hit far more severely than men. When it comes to firing employees, a woman has a higher chance than a man because she is a woman.

Workers suffered the most during the pandemic in industries where informal employment is common. They were already working in deplorable conditions, and the pandemic has worsened their predicament. Many domestic workers, mostly women, were laid off. Many would be unable to support their families during these difficult times because they lacked basic worker protections such as paid leave.

Prior to the pandemic, women spent hours performing unpaid work in addition to paid work if they had one (part-time or full-time). With the loss of jobs, the hours spent on unpaid work have increased, and women have found themselves trapped in a cycle of never-ending domestic chores.

Economic insecurity has a lifetime effect on the lives of women and girls, as it correlates to gender equality. The pandemic has widened the gap between men and women, but the gap was there before the pandemic and will remain after it.