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Women have always been in a vulnerable position. As the inferior sex, they are constantly on the lookout for danger. Every female has a metaphorical axe hanging around her neck.

We’ve all heard stories about women being kidnapped, tortured, raped, and so on. Women are victims of heinous crimes, and survivors are barely coping with the trauma. Some can cope with it and offer assistance to other victims. We cannot deny that reports of women-on-women violence are on the rise.

If you ask a woman, she will tell you that she does not feel completely safe when she is out. Women must be cautious about who they associate with in public, whether someone is stalking them, and so on. It could be a stranger or someone she knows who is putting her in danger. Even at home, she may be vulnerable to a family member who wishes to harm her.

Men may say, “Not all men,” which is true, but women do not know which men intend to harm her. Her husband could rape or murder her, a friend could stalk and kidnap her, a stranger could sexually assault her in public, etc. The possibilities are endless.

It’s no surprise that women are afraid to travel alone. Anything, at any time, could happen to them. Even a brave, strong, and independent woman would feel a tinge of fear at the prospect of danger to herself.

Violence against women persists, and India remains dangerous for women – a sad fact. One can only hope for the day when women will not be afraid to travel alone.