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In a country like India, where sex education or anything related to sex is considered as taboo, there can be a lot of unplanned pregnancies and abortions.

First of all, talking about unplanned pregnancies brings us to our first topic of concern; sex education. When there is no sex education provided to teenagers and when adults too have no clue about how reproduction and pleasure are different from each other, accidents are bound to happen.

There is no information about condoms or birth control pills anywhere except for very discreet advertisements on the television. This brings them to the only source for information; the internet. It is mostly through pornography,  that kids gain sketchy knowledge about important things like this. This can cause dangerous situations among teenagers or adults like rapes or unsafe sex that may cause STDs.

The Internet is also a place, where the information provided can be false. For a youngster, it is hard to distinguish between true and false information. Thus, it is important for sex education to be provided in schools, no matter how awkward it is for the teachers or kids because there is nothing awkward about teaching safe practices for having sex.

Our next issue being abortions; it is a Universal right for women to have control over their bodies and to make decisions regarding it. So, when they have an unplanned pregnancy it is their decision alone whether or not to keep the baby. Unplanned pregnancies are of course result of lack of knowledge about safe sex. The number of deaths through unsafe abortion are also at a peak high. This is because there are less doctors and usually abortions are done by young girls, in secret.

Unplanned pregnancies and abortions actually cause a lot of deaths and triggers numerous religious communities. So, to keep them at a minimum, it is necessary for the country to establish an education system, where sex education is included and is not considered as taboo.