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Gender has no bearing on the subjects. A person’s interest and knowledge in a particular subject are determined by themselves. The stereotype that men excel in science while women excel in humanities is just another way to discredit women.

Science is regarded as a difficult subject that necessitates a high level of intellect. Men are encouraged to pursue careers in science because science is seen as a subject suited to the male species as it is regarded as “superior” and has global significance. Humanities, on the other hand, are thought to be a soft subject that appeals to women, being simpler to learn and doesn’t require a high level of intellect, which is false.

Men are less likely than women to pursue their passions because men are expected to work in the science field. A man who chooses humanities will be judged and even ridiculed. Women face a similar situation. If she chooses science, she will be constantly asked if she is certain that science is what she wants to pursue, and so on. Women are viewed as beings who excel at domestic duties, and women internalise the belief that they are not intellectually capable of pursuing careers in science.

Now, we do see men doing courses or jobs that are commonly seen as being fit for women, like chefs, fashion designers, etc. Women go on to become CEOs, scientists, and so on.

It is only because of the society’s system that favours men and devalues women that there are more men in science and fewer women in the humanities. A person’s intellect may be strong in science but weak in the humanities, or vice versa. When it comes to a person’s level of intelligence, gender plays no role. A person, male or female, should be free to pursue their interests without society telling them what they should do.