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If you ask three women whether they’ve faced sexual harassment, there’s a high chance that all three would say yes. Females of all ages would have faced at least one instance of sexual harassment.

For years, women have been victims of sexual harassment. Previously, women would have remained silent and suffered in silence, whereas now, women are standing up to speak out about their experiences.

Women have always been viewed as the inferior sex, forced to be meek and submissive. Men had the authority to use women however they saw fit without fear of repercussions. The patriarchal system and open favouritism toward men have only posed dangers to women. Women have feared for themselves since the beginning of time, and the fear continues to this day.

Women can be sexually harassed at any time by anyone. It could be a member of the family, a trusted friend, or a stranger. Women have learnt to be wary, to trust their instinct at the slightest hint of a red flag. The paranoia that someone will harm them keeps women on their feet.

Sexual violence is a dreadful concept for women. Many women have been subjected to sexual harassment without being aware of it. The most common reason for this is that they would have been too young to distinguish between good and bad touch. Women will sometimes brush it off, believing it was an unintentional touch.

It is a sad fact that, despite the world’s modernization, women continue to live in fear. They are not safe at home, at work, on the streets, or anywhere else. One can only wonder when such atrocities will cease.