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The world is modernising as each minute passes by. We see new technology, discoveries, etc, and yet, something that hasn’t been modernised yet is the deeply rooted patriarchal thoughts.

One could argue that without the female, it would be difficult to keep the species alive. Females are a necessary part of the world unless males can carry life. So, why have women been treated so poorly for centuries?

Women had it tough in the olden days. A woman was expected to be a slave to a man in a male-dominated society with deep patriarchal customs, with no voice of her own. Her abilities were limited to cooking and caring for the house and children. She would also be a target for those who consider women to be inferior. Only a few were brave enough to defy the restrictions. With time, women came together to fight for their rights. One would have thought that women would come out victorious and finally be equals to men.

One look at modern society demonstrates that this has not occurred. Women are still regarded as inferior beings who are mocked for having a voice. It doesn’t matter what caste/class they belong to or how educated they are; as long as they are a woman, the belief that she is inferior to men is deeply ingrained. Women have become the targets of women-specific crimes, such as domestic abuse, sexual assault, dowry-related crimes, and so on.

The struggle for establishing women as being equals to men has been going on for years. There is always an underlying fear in women about how their day will be, or how they will make it through the day without being targeted for being a woman. We hear about women-targeted crimes all the time in the news, and it tells us that no matter how far society progresses, it will never progress until women can say they feel safe.

Men exploit women and expect them not to speak up. They must accept their fate as a result of being born female. Some people are so entrenched in the patriarchal system that nothing will change their minds. Even today, some women believe that they are destined to be used by men because they are inferior beings. Women in modern society have begun to fight back to show that times have changed and that a woman does not have to conform to society’s patriarchal ideology. Some have also been able to break free from patriarchal beliefs that bound them to fight.

Women continue to fight for their fundamental human rights. Despite being misunderstood by many, the waves of feminism have gained momentum. One can hope for zero discrimination against women, but with the way things are now, that is a long way off. The struggle for equality in terms of gender, sex, sexuality, race, and so on is a long and difficult one. But it persists in the hope that the world will become a better place in the future.