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A formal marriage or union entered into by an individual before reaching the prescribed eligible age is referred to as child marriage. It can be considered forced marriage because children are not of an age to make such an important decision as marriage.

Child marriage occurs frequently as a result of poverty, political or financial reasons, lack of education, gender equality, patriarchy, and other factors. Child marriage affects both girls and boys, but it should be noted that it disproportionately affects girls. The fact that there are more female child brides speaks volumes about how women are perceived in society. They don’t have a lot of worth or a position.

Childhood is supposed to be a time when children can be carefree and play to their hearts’ content. A marriage is a huge responsibility that even some adults struggle with. Child marriage removes the child from the innocent, pure, and fairytale-like bubble in which they are raised. It infringes on children’s rights and even puts them in a position where they can be exploited due to their lack of maturity. They could be sexually exploited and have no idea.

When a girl is married off, she is frequently denied education, which puts her at a disadvantage. She would be unaware of her rights, and it would not be a stretch to say she would be misused. A girl would be told that having sexual relations with her much older husband is normal. Her consent is disregarded. She may also be subjected to other forms of abuse, and she will be unable to see how she is being exploited. She would be forced to carry a child and have multiple children, despite the fact that she may not be physically or emotionally mature enough for it.

Even boys who are forced into child marriages could face complications in their life, mentally and physically.

Child marriage has numerous disadvantages. Children are thrust into a world of responsibility that is far beyond their comprehension. They are stripped of their innocence and are expected to look after a family
Despite declining rates of child marriage, it still exists in some parts of the world. It is estimated that it will take years to completely eradicate child marriage. Child marriage is a curse that must be obliterated.