Darshini Suresh
Not Helpful

I strongly agree with the fact that women are underrepresented in political decisions and posts offered, and that there should be some measures taken to tackle this situation of letting more women be presented at the parliament too. Women, not only in India but also all over the world, find themself under-represented in Parliament and are pushed out when it comes to decision making for the society.
Every country has its own characteristics when it comes to playing in the fields of politics, and in every country the one thing common is the lack of participation of women. Women go through many hurdles when they are to be standing at the political line in any country. These obstacles include social, economic and political barriers. More often in many places and countries it is seen that women themselves do not feel the urge to stand up and participate in things relating to political activities. Is this because of the lack of motivation?
Their proportion compared to males is not at all significant in any positions of parliament right from the top level to the bottom. Today India ranks out of 190 nations world-wide when it comes to lowest participation of women. This does make a huge difference. Women can be a great idol when it comes to being superior and making decisions in important matters of the country politically. Isn’t this a universal right? Why are women pushed back so much. Our country has had many female role models like Jayalalithaa (amma) and Indira Gandhi who have led the country really well in the past, and this surely proves that women are no less than men when it comes to taking fight decisions and opinions regarding important topics.
To dispel all these under-representation problems, there must be quotas available for women who want to stand and hold into political grounds. There should be a rise in reservation of seats for women for standing in elections. This would surely bring in motivation for women and boost their self-esteem. Women should be given awareness about education on the subject of politics and role modelling which would encourage them to actually stand and participate in politics. Our country’s Constitution has lapsed the bills multiples tomes which stated reservation of women’s seats by one third through discussions and oppositions. But this bill should surely be bought back.
I feel that India’s Election Committee should take an effort to actually encourage women reservation in political parties by offering them equal number of seats as men without having to face any barriers. This is not an assured but surely a less complex way of moving the growth of the nation forward. Role-models would increase, and this would create more engagement of women in Parliament. India has had some women prime ministers and chief ministers for long terms, and they are the proof that women are equal to men when it comes to bringing about a balance in the country regarding its growth in economical and social aspects.