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Menstruation is something that every female will go through. It is also something of a taboo. Women feel embarrassed to talk about their menstruation, despite it being just another biological function. In the present, however, the stigma revolving around it has reduced.

Menstrual education is necessary. For a girl experiencing periods for the first time, she’d be scared, and when her mother refuses to tell her more about what’s happening to her and what it entails, she would conclude that periods are something shameful and not to be talked out. Due to the lack of education and necessities, the health of a female could be affected.

In many parts of the world, menstruation is considered ‘impure’. The women would be isolated in a separate shed-like house, forbidden from touching food eaten by others, and so on. The majority of people’s beliefs about menstruation are based on religious beliefs, a lack of knowledge, cultural practises, myths, and so on. Due to a lack of menstrual products, a female would use unsanitary products to help her get through the cycle. Her reproductive and sexual health would be seriously compromised.

The current generation, those who have been fortunate enough to receive proper education and sanitary products, has a better understanding of menstruation and hygiene. However, there are communities around the world that do not have this privilege, and the stigma surrounding menstruation persists, putting women in dangerous situations.

Girls must be educated on menstruation and hygiene because it is an essential part of their lives, a biological function they will have to deal with for most of their lives. The girl’s health is jeopardised if one does not understand what it is and how to deal with it. For a female to manage her cycles without shame, the shame associated with menstruation must be removed.