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Sex is a part of human nature, exceptions included. It is necessary for the continuation of the species. But, the topic of sex is taboo. Parents and teachers do not give in-depth knowledge about sex to the students who would be curious about it.

When one’s knowledge of sex is limited, one does not know everything about sex. Leaving aside the physical act of sex, the other aspects of sexual intercourse are unknown, which could lead to disastrous consequences.

Unplanned pregnancies can happen in multiple ways. It could happen to a married couple who aren’t in a situation where they can raise a child. Or, it could happen to a young, unmarried couple, who are in school. The circumstances vary in both cases. As adults, the married couple’s decision would result in less problematic conditions because they are well-versed in sex education. But when it comes to the other couple, their situation would be a tad complex. Here is where the importance of needing a sex education comes into play.

Many unplanned pregnancies in unmarried couples are the result of a lack of sex education. The most one would know about sex is the pleasures it would provide. The rest is unknown, such as safe sex, consent, and STDs. Many of the negative associations with sex could be avoided if parents and teachers treated sex as another subject to teach their children. Teaching teenagers about sex would not encourage them to have sex; rather, they would be able to practise safe sex and avoid it when necessary.

If a young girl engages in sexual activity and becomes pregnant, she would be pressured to terminate the foetus. Unplanned pregnancies often result in abortion or giving up the baby for adoption.

Unplanned pregnancies can also be a result of non-consensual sex or rape. In this case, what the female would choose is quite obvious. No one would be willing to carry a product of sexual assault, however cruel it may sound.

Sex education is required to prevent unintended pregnancies in young adults who are unaware of the complexities that come with sexual intercourse. It is also up to the female to choose what she wants. The high rates of unplanned pregnancies and abortion could be reduced with a better understanding of the factors relating to sex.