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A woman’s body is her business, yet a woman can’t make decisions regarding her body without having to encounter multiple opinions on what she should do.

Abortion is considered to be taboo. Some see it as an evil done to an unborn child, while others see it as a matter of health. Carrying a baby to full term, and aborting a foetus both have consequences on a woman, which can be physical or psychological. It is a woman’s choice to decide which one she’d rather face.

Abortions can be performed for a variety of reasons, including the mother’s or the foetus’s health, or because the woman was impregnated under deplorable conditions (rape). Women may seek abortion because they are young (students), single, or for other reasons. The reasons vary, but the goal is to avoid having a child. It may appear cruel to some, but one must consider the situation of the person who is forced to make a difficult decision.

Some fear abortion due to the risk factor. In the past, abortions were not done in a safe environment, which would result in the death of women. While the procedure is safer now, there are still factors to be considered. Abortion is usually less risky during the first trimester. The second trimester is riskier, and one would need to carefully consider all the pros and cons before making a decision. Ultimately, the experts can only advise the one wanting an abortion. The decision remains with the woman.

Married or unmarried, the responsibility that comes with a child is not easy. Married couples might decide to have an abortion due to multiple reasons – early pregnancy, unplanned, not financially secure, etc. An unmarried person would also choose to abort if she is not willing to be a mother soon, or if her situation cannot afford to raise a child. A rape victim would never consent to carry a rapist’s child. An abortion would also be recommended if carrying a child would risk the mother’s life, or if the foetus is not developing healthily.

Abortion is illegal in some places, and women have a difficult time navigating this, limiting their options. Having a legal way to abort would alleviate some of the stress in the situation.

Whatever the reason is for considering abortion, only the woman will understand what she is going through. Abortion is a difficult decision that must be carefully considered. A woman knows what is best for her, and others must grant her control over her body.