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Darshini Suresh
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I would first like to put a statement by saying that parents are a child’s first teacher. As a mother being a parent plays a vital role in shaping a character of a child’s personality. In today’s lives, where both women are also working there are a lot of positive as well as negative impacts on a child. Today there is certainly more money to spend on their child for parents but less engagement with their child. In the initial ages of the child, if a mother earns more and doesn’t want to leave the growth of her job then the father, should help in raising the child while the mother is working, since the responsibility lies between both the mother and father.

Today due to this trend of both the parents father as well as mother going to work has many positive Impacts on the child such as if both parents would work which would obviously bring more income to the family and will be able to contribute more for their child. Children since they would not have their parents around will also will be able to focus on external things and learn how to balance between work life and social life like their mothers do. From childhood itself, they will tend to have a sense of responsibility in them, which would make the child independent in future. The child will know how to value time.

They also have some negative impacts which include psychological effects such as sometimes when both the parents are out at work which includes the mom, it leaves them to hire a nanny or to admit their kids I day care Facilities. This sometimes may reduce quality of attention and values which would have been incorporated more if a mother would personally be able to guide the child in the early ages. As a parent the mother needs to although make sure she spends 1 and half hour of the total 24 hours with her child, otherwise they may tend to turn restless and would have a hard time to manage their mood swings. This may also lead them to get aggressive or stubborn in future. There is also limited bond with parents in the initial stages for the child who may affect him or her mentally.

A mother as a woman can and surely should even work after having a child but not at the cost of her child not getting the qualify of living with personality decrease. I’d a father of the child is able to take a leave for the initial months, then he shoulder. Both the father and mother should make sure they balance their work time mad home time for baby Efficiently in such a way that it doesn’t cause any kind of personality imbalance to the child. This is also important since it helps to know which hobbies the child is keen on and what are his or her subject of intersection.