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Darshini Suresh
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You will find women from all stages of life who got pregnant and then had to get it aborted. You will always have at least one person in your knows who went through an abortion. And if you don’t know, then it probably just because a woman rarely tells out if she went through an abortion. There always has a misunderstanding that women who seek for an abortion are stated as terms like confused or fragile or a person is morally conflicted. This is one of the patronising beliefs todays which should be banished put by people’s minds.

According to a survey this year, there were almost 15.6 million abortions that took place in India. Out of these 15.6 million abortions, 74 percent of them did it thought unsafe abortion and this only because of all the legal stress a woman has to go through for abortion as she got pregnant by mistake or through sexual abuse and to get hidden from the dark eyes of what society would think about her.

In India if women want an abortion during the first trimester, it is compulsory according to the law that she gets the consent of any one medical professional and for doing the same in the second trimester she needs consent of two medical practitioners. Women in India find it too hard to face abortion unlike other countries especially when she is unmarried and gets pregnant. This is because of the social pressure. Sometimes the law also tells to get the permission of her husbands for aborting the child. Isn’t this called suppressing a women right to make decisions for herself?

I totally agree with the point that abortion should he solely a woman’s choice only because she has the right to do so. Most of some women are usually confidential enough to make such strong abortion decisions. As a pragmatic county. We must have belief and the trust in a woman’s decisions about going through ban abortion or not just how we trust them in other aspects of life.

There should be an effort put up by the country to build and being about awareness on educating women and the community on aspects like sexual and reproductive health and their rights towards it and how to access safe abortion with Utmost care. I end up by saying that if a woman chose to abort, it should be a sole decision and she should be able to access this abortion procedure on request at any point within legal limits.