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Darshini Suresh
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I totally agree the fact that women should be teaching at universities more than a male. A female teacher has the ability to interact and understand a student’s mental, and emotional needs. As a woman they surely do have a better Psychology when it comes to understand teenage children. Women have proven to only good teachers, but also a good councillor. This brings about a sense of security in many children and make them have the urge to step out of their respective comfort zone when they see a female teacher teaching. A woman teacher focus even more on a bringing development to a student’s personality in a holistic way. Women are born with a mind having solace and empathy keeping a balanced mind. Due to these enormous skills, teachers are able to understand and know what a child in college might go through and understand each ones Capability. In this case they are certainly more vigorous compared to male teachers. It becomes easier for a teacher to plan their schedule accordingly when she connects with her student’s. Today in universities it is necessary to have female teaches for providing knowledge about gender equality which would be more effective when a female teacher teaches that a male. Reports suggest that is having a female teacher increases in results of girl Students and keep them motivated to study instead of dropping out. Female teachers are already making up the majority in the world, and hope this contribution never ends. But the education ministry should really think deep when it comes to managing of female teachers in rural areas. Getting more female teachers in rural, or remote areas is challenging but might be desirable to offer job opportunities for women in these areas and giveel female students a chance to have a teacher that looks more like them. I don’t think there is anything wrong in women in lower standards but if she is put in teaching for university level educational to then many children can certainly achieve the advantage of it. Education departments in many areas should make sure there arise no barriers for female teachers wanting to teach in universities out there. Important of having a female teacher benefits and brings about a motivation in girls and as well as boys which allow them to think beyond levels to achieve their goals for future through innovative and a broad-minded thought in them. Irrespective of the percentage of women teachers in the primary education system, we must necessarily value their role as educators. When we succeed in provide women teachers an excellent working condition, they can contribute to the development of girl education and the community as a whole.