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Darshini Suresh
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As a woman, she has already gone through a lot of pains which includes back pain, vomiting, boils on her face, and the methods of pushing out of the baby through the vagina. They have actually already done, so much for the birth and creations of her beloved child to bring them into this world. They why do they have time actually give up their career and stay home after having a child?
Considering the fact that men can actually do whatever they want, why can’t they take care of the baby for the initial months. I feel all fathers should support or do a part-time for taking the care of the baby unless the mother really want to stay home. Some men can really give up some part of their job, time and alcohol out of their lives which help bring wonders in a woman’s as well as his child’s life. There is no harm in letting a woman work for household today.
The best person is the children’s parents to raise them. Having to leave the child and go off to work shouldn’t the case, but it’s not Compulsory that always women should do it. If it is possible for a father and Convenient for him to stay home and look after the child then he should surely do it instead.
Today, we live in a generation where both a mom and dad have an active should play an active role in raising a child. When a TV star like Kapil Sharma can go on a paternal leave then why can’t normal fathers. If a father can stay home, and let the mother work, I don’t see any problems with this situation as such. It depends on whom the child is with and how the child is being nurtured.
I don’t think mothers should give up their career every time, it depends on the entire situation. There are equal opportunity for both men and women out there and so should be the same case in this situation as well. It is the obligation of every father too to take care of his child. All that is needed is flexibility between the parents, so that, a woman actually doesn’t have to forgo her career after having a child as the traditional society states.