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Darshini Suresh
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The ongoing Corona virus pandemic has surely Widened the poverty gap even more for women where about 47 million girls and women are suffering from unemployment or problem like less salary as compared to men. I can put a strong statement saying, ‘ A virus doesn’t show inequality and discrimination, the society does!’
According to the recent reports of the UN, if this continues then in near future, more than men, a woman would be made poor by this economic fallout and due to the enormous job loss suffered by the women today. It shows how we have constructed and defined our society and economy, when we such an increase in the poverty line and pay gap of women as compared to men. Way before the corner virus hit, women were already supporting their families with their limited wages and salary before people lost their jobs. And working mothers were already shouldering the majority of family caregiving responsibilities in the face of a childcare system that is wholly inadequate for a society in which most parents work outside the home
Women have lost their jobs at a faster rate during the pandemic than men, since the type of occupation and jobs women did were hit more such as retails, restaurants and hotels. The recent reports stated that the work rate of women was and has always been more in the informal or domestic works which often have limited health care and knowledge and benefits of other protection relates to health. We know for obvious reasons that women usually are more into having the responsibility of taking care of the family and that is why they earn less as well as save less due to insecure jobs too.
Its high time now that the government should take the respective measures and adopt plans in order to life women poverty by helping women in low paid jobs and informal jobs. An estimate of around 100 girls and women can surely be lifted from poverty if the government takes and implements appropriate plans according to the condition with help of experts for providing fair and equal wages to women.