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Darshini Suresh
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Everyone should try to understand that menstruation is correlated with the onset of puberty in women and girls. A women’s menstrual health is very momentous for her well-being as well as her family. Despite such belief and facts, a woman even in today’s developing world prevents her from getting the menstrual health and support for care they need due to some customs, and mind-sets of certain people. Today, periods’ poverty is considered amongst the most challenging development issues in the world.
According to the recent reports it’s stated that, 1 out of every 4 women in a year suffer from period poverty by not being able to pay for her basic menstrual needs, and still use a cloth. Only less than 18 to 19 percent of Indian Women actually use a sanitary pad every month. Let me make it clear that a changed attitude towards women having restrictions related to Self-expression, mobility and freedom does have a far-reaching impact on the mind-set of a woman. When a mother talks about this topic with their daughters in private, they lack the scientific knowledge on even basic puberty and menstrual hygiene. There is no doubt that in India there is a greater attention now towards menstrual hygiene, but Today, it’s clearly a global issue. Lack of Sufficient and basic information on sanitation and menstrual hygiene, mostly in schools or health centers can impact having a major obstacle to woman and girls.
Even today, many girls are restricted from doing so many things while they are ok their period, as it is still perceived as an unclean or embarrassing thing which should be hidden from the world as well as inside their house in front of the males. They call it impure-blood. They feel shy enough to go even to a medical to buy sanitary pads because of this belief put into them by their family from the start itself. An estimated about 77 percent of girls leave their Schooling as soon as they enter puberty usage of cloth by not having the economic stability to buy pads. This happens mostly in the underprivileged sectors.
Menstruation is natural and yet, it’s considered shameful potentially. Stigma maybe worse for a woman of color and underprivileged family women. The government should supply free pads to these women in remote areas, since they are the lost affected by menstrual poverty. Every school should let NGOs and other doctors come in and take seminars to give complete professional knowledge about puberty and menstruation for girls. Girls should also be thought about what is safe to use and how the sanitary pads are to be dispose during menstruation. Knowledge about reusable menstruation cups and tampons should be also given for many women do not know that they even exist. I feel Everyone all over the world can help support women and girls through menstrual health management education, advocacy, and donations. Through proper awareness, meditation programs and motivation there Is a high chance of accomplishing to sort the periods poverty and stigma problem because this well help girls at a young age itself on how you manage menstruation and their knowledge to be enhanced on hygiene.